No, Really: It IS the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

There’s a new sheriff in town, Planet Earth, and it’s called the Aquarian Age

There’s a new sheriff in town, Planet Earth, and it’s called the Aquarian Age. And much like the days of the Wild West, a frenzy of consciousness has hit even mass media, with #meditation bringing up 2.5 million posts and counting on Instagram, while Congressman Tim Ryan is running on a mindfulness platform for governor of Ohio and has created a meditation room adjacent to the House on Capitol Hill. Indeed, meditation is a top new “fitness” trend of 2015 (according to Well + Good) and millions of hardcore fitness junkies are discovering that training the mind will help them not only run a physical marathon, but also give them the strength and peace of beingness to be successful in their increasingly pressurized lives.

And so the shift of consciousness, prophesied by every major spiritual lineage from the Mayans to the Rishis, is upon us. Instead of some physical ascension or the dramatic collapsing of time/space, the Aquarian Age, or Golden Age, is about the ascension of thought, action, experience, and the reclaiming of human goodness, compassion, creativity, and kindness. The Tibetan Buddhists call it Shambala or the creation of Enlightened Society, where the heavy veil of competition, lack, violence, and human suffering becomes transparent and we as humans walk into a much more Human Beingness through our continued discovery of our own spiritual depth (who we truly are) and our desire to see that depth and beauty in others.

It’s truly an immensely elegant and auspicious time in human history, and all we have to do is continue to create a movement of thought leaders, heart leaders, yogis, and truth seekers who are helming the ship of this change of consciousness on the planet. And just as any revolution has been created, the rest will follow. Let’s light it up!

Photo by Ali Kaukas 


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