New to Meditation? No Problem

Begin a meditation practice that sticks with these tried-and-true sessions on Wanderlust TV.

Erin Rose Ward has taught at Wanderlust Festivals, Wanderlust Hollywood, and Wanderlust TV. You can find her classes on WLTV here, along with a host of classes that are perfect for beginners right here.

What’s potentially more intimidating than walking into a yoga class for the first time? Probably admitting to your group of Lululemon-clad pals that you’ve actually never taken a yoga class. What deters most new students from stepping onto the mat is the fear of feeling like a failure, of being signaled out for lack of ability, or the fear of misunderstanding where to put what body part. Since yoga is becoming such a popular practice, it is hard for a brand new practitioner to know how and when to jump on the train that takes so many people towards well-being.

The intimidation factor is understandable; being thrown into the fire of asana can result in injury as well as contempt for the practice. Beginning the practice with a teacher who intentionally guides the student in building a foundation has a dramatic impact on the connection to the practice. It also exponentially increases growth in both the physical and subtle aspects of the practice, meaning that the benefits of yoga manifest more quickly.

Perhaps before diving into downward dog, you’d like to take your first step toward learning how to meditate. Here’s how.

Starting Meditation

The need for an introduction to the practice is not reserved for asana alone. A common consensus is that meditation sounds great, but it remains an enigma. How do I start? What do I do once I sit down? What happens if I can’t stop thinking? Though one of the outcomes of the practice is stress reduction, there can be a lot of pressure surrounding starting a practice.

Take the pressure off by tuning in to this 13-minute introduction from Megan Monahan, called Why Meditate. She shares a light and accessible entree in this video that can give you a first taste of what it’s like to sit, be still, and recalibrate.

You can set yourself up with lasting meditation practice by embarking on Light Watkins’ 21-Day Meditation Challenge. This ever-popular course has proved to be a launching pad for many beginner meditators, as Light shares best practices, tips, and of course provides insights and guidance as you explore your inner landscape on this 21-day path.

Once you’ve established your commitment to sit, you can explore the Guided series on Wanderlust TV, which gives you the chance to meditate with revered meditation teacher Davidji, world-famous musician (and meditator) Moby, beloved yoga and meditation teacher, Ryan Leier, and more all in one collection.

erin rose wardErin Rose Ward is a Wanderlust TV guide, a yoga, meditation, breathwork, and The Class teacher who has studied across a range of traditions and lineages. She is inspired by the infinite wisdom of the body, the mystery of the subtle body and how different practices bring us into relationship with our most authentic selves.

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