Moving With the Elements: Fire

Heat up your body, and move like a flame in the wind. Connect with the blazing element of fire.

You can’t touch its heat, yet you revel in its warmth.

We’ve been told from a young age not to play with fire, and yet we are intrinsically drawn to it. To its madness, radiance, and light. The smell of smoke rising is intoxicating, as is watching smoldering flames breathe out gray clouds. Fire, like us, needs oxygen to be sustained, to breathe.

Beautiful, bright, powerful, and at times dangerous—fire is one of, if not the most, entrancing elements.

Taking a step back and looking at the way in which life unravels, we can see characteristics of the fire element. Life’s unpredictability mimics that of fire—the way it dances haphazardly, and without apology. It reminds us that at times order and control are not always necessary, or possible.

When we look inward, we can place the elemental energy of fire within ourselves. What do we burn for—what makes us come alive? The fire we have within us represents our drive, our passions, our prowess. That light, that energy, guides us through life and towards our goals.

Through meditation and yoga practice we can learn to harness the powerful elemental energy of fire—both externally through our physical actions and movements, and internally in our thoughts and intentions for the future.

In the wise words of Neil Young, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”