Food Philosophies Demystified: Wanderlust’s New Cookbook

Bring a yoga philosophy into the kitchen with the Wanderlust Cookbook.

Finding your true north includes how you choose to nourish your body. Find Your True Fork with us! For more information, click here.

A message from Wanderlust Co-Founder Jeff Krasno:

Our mission at Wanderlust is to help people find their true north. Through creating experiences and recipes for living, we hope to navigate people along their path to cultivating their best selves: to living happy, healthy and inspired lives. Finding your true north is not an end unto itself, it’s a journey of outward adventure and inward self-exploration.

Food is at the center of this journey.

Every day, on average, we spend 75 minutes eating and another 35 minutes preparing food. We spend precious time and money shopping for it. Food can make us sick and food can heal us. It brings our families and friends together in community around a common table. Yet, it can divide us, pitting agro-business against the local farmer, offering its bounty to some and leaving others in food deserts.

There is no diet or approach to food that is right for everyone. The premise of this book is to create a guide for healthy and mindful food choices that can help you feel your best—to find your true fork! These approaches to food and their recipes are expressed through the stories of exceptional chefs who have navigated their own personal journeys and have chosen a life dedicated to food and its incredible power.


To anyone who has struggled with food
Who has felt sick or fatigued
Who has battled with the image of the person in the mirror
Who is hungry for creativity
Who thirsts for a better version of themselves
This book is for you.
May you find your true fork.

Not sure what style suits you best? The Wanderlust Find Your True Fork Cookbook, published in partnership with Rodale and hitting the shelves in bookstores this July, will have you covered. See below for six of the book’s different food philosophies, including stories and recipes from some of today’s most influential chefs.

A Glossary of Featured Food Philosophies

Sustainable, an eating philosophy that allows meat-eaters to make mindful choices that provide more eco-friendly alternatives and pay respect to the lives of our fellow living creatures. Featuring Anya Fernald of Belcampo Inc

Vegan focuses on radical simplicity and artful presentation, focusing on the utilization of organic produce that provides a whammy of healing properties and modern nutritional benefits. Featuring celebrity vegan chef Jason Wrobel.

Paleo: Find recipes inspired by the original hunter-gatherers. With a heavy focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat in moderation, the paleo diet invites eaters to eat whole foods that help heal our bodies from the inside out. Featuring Wanderlust Cafe creator Seamus Mullen.

Local encourages exposure to your home’s hidden gems, whether it be a the baker ‘round the corner, or the sweet corn nestled in a nearby farm. You’ll also find seasonal offerings, including crab cakes and summer succotash. Featuring Wanderlust Executive Chef Kevin Callaghan.

Ayurveda: Discover opportunities for physical and mental transformation through internationally-inspired cuisine. These recipes are designed to provide a personal approach to wellness, one where mind, body, and spirit are inextricably linked. Featuring Meredith Klein of Pranaful.

Each and every food philosophy in this book shares the ability to inspire mindfulness, kinship, and connection. Through food, we are able to come together and focus on the little but powerful things in life. Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you across the table.

In the Los Angeles area? We’ll really see you across the table at the Find Your True Fork dinner series at Wanderlust Hollywood. For more information and tickets, click here.

amanda-kohrAmanda Kohr is the editor at Wanderlust. You can find her exploring new highways, drinking diner coffee, and on Instagram