Insider’s Guide: 25 Reasons to Go to Wanderlust Whistler

We close out July and launch August at Wanderlust Whistler. Flanked by two of Canada’s most picturesque peaks:…

We close out July and launch August at Wanderlust Whistler. Flanked by two of Canada’s most picturesque peaks: Whistler and Blackcomb, this festival promises to change your perspective on yoga, music and adventure. In anticipation for this classic trip into the clouds, we’ve combed our scheduler and compiled a list of 25 staff picks:

1) Music

We’ve got a sick line-up this year: RJD2, Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Emancipator, MC Yogi, Tycho and more. Want a sampling of the full line-up? Check out our Wanderlust Whistler playlist.

2) Wanderlust Spectacular

The Wanderlust Spectacular is our version of the yoga circus. This festival kick-off party is open to any ticket holder and aims to delight and engage all of your senses.

whistler spectacular
photo by Ali Kaukas

3) Be a Superhero

Grab a friend and fly through the mountains, side-by-side on the longest zip lines in Canada. Enough said.

4) Learn the power behind Ayurveda

Discover how you can find your state of balance with the 5,000-year-old philosophy and practice of Ayurveda.

5) Make Space for Grace

Ryan Leier, affectionally known as Ryan the Lion, is such joy to work with. This year, he’s offering a Speakeasy, a few exquisite yoga classes and he’s co-leading our Voyager Immersion. In this video, Ryan tells us the story of losing his daughter, Thora Grace, just shortly after her birth.

6) Bike Like a Boss

Whistler biking is legendary. There’s something for everyone, beginners and experts alike. Oh, and if you want to bike at night –  you can do that too.

7) Ride the Peak 2 Peak Gondola

Board this record-breaking gondola to journey between the top of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Each peak is filled with Wanderlust mountain goodness. Make sure you have plenty of battery in your phone; this trip will be Instagram-worthy. #WLWhistler #FindYourTrueNorth

whistler mountain
photo by Abbey Ley

8) Acrobatics + Capoeira = Capobatics

Learn the fundamentals of the acrobatic, smooth and cat-like movements that are popular in Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art. Disguised as a dance, Capoeira is a actually a form of self-defense. Super cool.

9) Learn to massage yourself with balls

Just watch the video. Then sign up for the class.

10) Be a (Better) Yoga Teacher

Are you a yoga teacher? Do you want to be? Maybe you just want to deepen your practice and spend a whole week at Wanderlust. Check out our Voyager Immersion program.

11) Embrace Your Inner Feminine

No matter your gender identification, awakening and pampering your inner feminine is a powerful practice.

photo by Ali Kaukas

12) Sing Your Yoga

We all know yoga is far more than poses. Let your festi side run wild in this class, where you’ll enjoy vinyasa flow yoga, devotional songs, trance dance, ritual and prayer.

13) Eat, drink and be blown away

Ride the Whistler Gondola up to The Highest Place and get your grub on at The Farm to Table dinner. Saturate your taste-buds in delicious, local delights while feasting your eyes on some of the most gorgeous views in North America.

14) Deepen Your Breathing

Breath work (pranayama) in a high-altitude atmosphere? You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced this high. Breathe deep in these pranayama-focused meditations.

15) Snuggle with a Friend (or a stranger!)

Partner yoga can be an excellent exercise in trust and connection. Relaxing and relying on another person on your mat can be one of the most enriching experiences out there. Give it a go.

photo by Ali Kaukas

16) Do Yoga While Rock Climbing

At the surface, yoga and rock climbing seem to have little in common. Come learn how the opposite is true.

17) Surround yourself with hundreds of yogis

If you want to surround yourself with hundreds of yogis at The Greatest Place, you can take classes with some of the most well-known names in yoga: Seane Corn, Schuyler Grant, Shiva Rea, Eoin Finn, Cameron Shayne and more.

Speaking of Cameron, check out this hilarious blooper reel:

18) Take A Nap

All those classes, plus singing, dancing and howling at the moon will take a toll. Recharge with adult sleepy time.

19) Figure Out What Makes You Come Alive

Sean Aiken, creator of The One Week Job Project, an inspiring journey across North America in which he worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks to find his passion, offers a Speakeasy on how to do what you love and love what you do.

20) Float your Down Dog

What would a Wanderlust Festival be without Standup Paddleboard Yoga on BOGA Boards? Incomplete. That’s what.


21) Go on a Chi Run

Running is one of the most popular and commonly misunderstood forms of fitness. Learn to run any terrain with your whole body in a way that allows you to build your energy, your strength and your endurance.

22) Practice at the Legendary Rebagliati Park

Located in the heart of Whistler Village, Rebagliati Park comes with a pretty sweet story about its namesake. If you haven’t heard it, ask a local to give you the 4-1-1. Or you could always Google it

23) Take a Sunrise Hike with a Wanderlust Staffer

Our Partnerships Manager, Nicole Lindstrom, is offering sunrise hikes at Whistler. She’s basically one of the nicest people ever, so meet her on the mountain.


24) Join The Soul Rebels Marching Band 

After their set, The Soul Rebels will travel through the Village, marching-band style. Join the fun and follow them to The Greatest Place to get amped for RJD2!

25) DIY Explorations

While our festivals are filled with a variety of opportunities to feed you physically, emotionally and energetically — some of the best memories are made within the confines of unstructured playtime. So no matter what you get yourself into, be sure to stay open to the magic of the moment.

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