How Yoga Teachers Do Halloween

Here’s how some of our favorite yogis celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday.

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Halloween is one of those holidays that gets better as you get older.

Costumes, parties, costume parties, friends, little kids running around dressed up like super heroes and princesses, and for those of you who like to indulge, a little bit of candy once a year isn’t such a terrible thing: Everything in moderation, right?

We thought it would be fun to check in with some of our favorite teachers to see what Halloween tales they had to tell, and they did not disappoint. We want to hear from you too! After you’re done perusing the zombies and Goddesses below, hit us up in the comment section with all of your stories: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Amy Ippoliti:

“By far, dancing two years ago on the Pearl Street mall in a Thriller flash mob was the Halloween highlight of my life. I learned the dance and trained while teaching on the road with YouTube videos for five weeks until I could get home to rehearse with the other dancers. My students thought I was nuts, but some of them danced with me to the videos!

It was totally a dream come true since 1985 to be able to master the dance and perform it live with a bunch of great people in Boulder, CO. In the pic, I’m front and center in the ripped fish nets…”


Dharma Mittra:

“For whatever reason, Halloween is just not part of the regular programming here at the DYNYC. That being said, Sri Dharma has a regular habit of pulling pranks on the regular students and Center employees.” – Adam Frei, Program Manager & Director of Dharma Yoga


ZUDA Yoga:

This photo should give you a pretty good idea of what is going to be happening at ZUDA Yoga studios during our Halloween classes. We’re going 80s and hoping our community will join us! Heated vinyasa in neon attire—I guess we won’t know until the 31st whether this experience is going to be good, bad or ugly!”


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