How to Make a Flower Crown

An expert stopped by Wanderlust Hollywood to teach us how to make gorgeous flower crowns for festival season.

Sport your handmade flower crown at a Wanderlust Festival this summer. For a complete lineup of this year’s schedule, including other mindful crafting experiences, click here. 

Carolyn H. Brown, founder of THE CROWN COLLECTIVE, stopped by Wanderlust Hollywood to teach us how to make beautiful flower crowns and headbands.

In order to make a gorgeous flower crown or headband of your own, you’ll need:

  • Floral wire or a plain headband (for a base)
  • Floral tape or floral wire (to secure flowers)
  • Flowers

Carolyn used baby’s breath as a filler flower and then incorporated wildflowers—mums and daisies—along with spray roses to assemble her flower crown. To make the crown, she began by layering the baby’s breath face down, using floral tape to wrap it around the base, and then layering in the other flowers for texture as she went on. Carolyn says she finds the process of creating flower crowns incredibly calming and fun, especially when making them for friends or as gifts.

It’s important to design your flower crown or headband to match your personal style: Be creative! It might get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun.

A flower crown or headband is the perfect accessory for a Wanderlust Festival. What kind of flowers will you put in yours?

Video shot and edited by A* Light Picture

Accompanying text by Kristin Diversi