Hands Can Talk: What We See in the Hands of Others

A beautiful photo series that captures the essence of a person through her hands

My attraction to hands began as a child, marveling at my father’s scarred, bear-like hands. As an adult, my attraction only grows with my never-ending desire to get to know people. I have come to see hands as an undeniable, direct window into a person’s character. Hands cannot be hidden; they only exist as they are.

Hands are records of our past and tools for our present. They are marked with constant reminders of where we’ve been while shaping our future. As we grow, those records become reminders of the lessons we learned. We morph into the person that we are and begin to leave behind the person we once were. A person’s identity is not one-dimensional, nor should our interpretation of them be.

I invite you to draw your own conclusions as to who these people are and where they come from. Let their hands and words of wisdom paint their portrait for you.


Hands Can Talk_Final3
Hands Can Talk_Final4Hands Can Talk_Final5



Hands Can Talk_Final7

Hands Can Talk_Final8

Hands Can Talk_Final9


Hands Can Talk_Final11

Hands Can Talk_Final12

Hands Can Talk_Final13

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Dana Jensendana-jensen is an event producer, lifestyle photographer, and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She lives passionately, constantly seeking adventure.