Hands That Build: The People Who Make Wanderlust Possible

A photo essay on the hands that build the Wanderlust Festival experience

As I close my Wanderlust chapter, my most cherished takeaway is the family I leave behind. Our team is one that has forever changed my outlook on life, pushing me to see possibility in the impossible and imagine my dreams attainable. They work with grace, building the foundation that must come before any yogi walks through the festival archway.

I am honored and humbled to have spent time learning from each one of the people on our team. We work tirelessly; traveling, living, eating and laughing with each other, forming a bond that lasts beyond the boundaries of our travel in and out days. They see light when the rain pours and a lightness in the moments when all seems to be crashing down.

With this series, I offer you a glimpse of these stunning individuals through a true representation of their character: their hands. A person’s hands are records of their past and tools for the present. They are marked with constant reminders of where we’ve been while shaping our future. As we grow, those records become reminders of the lessons we learned. We morph into the person that we are and begin to leave behind the person we once were. A person’s identity is not one-dimensional, nor should our interpretation of them be.

Words cannot do my homage to this team justice. Instead, I invite you to draw your own conclusions as to who these people are and where they come from. Let their hands and words of wisdom paint their portrait for you.


Hands that Build_Final3

Hands that Build_Final4

Hands that Build_Final5

Hands that Build_Final6

Hands-that-Build_Final7-2Hands that Build_Final_new8Hands that Build_Final_new9Hands that Build_Final_new10


Hands that Build_Final12

Hands that Build_Final13

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Dana Jensendana-jensen is an event producer, lifestyle photographer, and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She lives passionately, constantly seeking adventure.