Guided Meditations for Moonstone and Labradorite

Professional stand-up paddleboard racer and yoga teacher Jeramie Vaine takes your crystal meditations to the next level.

Check out this handy guide to healing stones to choose a stone that’s right for you. Once you’ve done that, try incorporating it into your meditation practice. Here are two sample meditations, tailored specifically for moonstone and labradorite.


“Known as the traveler’s stone, moonstone stone is said to protect those that travel by night or upon water. It also opens the heart to the acceptance of love and encourages nurturing qualities.” – Silver and Sage Jewelry

Inhale: The air rolls into the body
Exhale: Retracing the path encouraging the air back out
Inhale: Brings the air deeper into the body
Exhale: Removes the stagnant air from the deepest part of the body
Inhale: Deepens, the heart opens
Exhale: Sends out love with the breath
Inhale: Brings in acceptance of the love sent
Exhale: Comes from the deepest part of the soul, sending out more love
Inhale: Openness fills the body with the breath
Exhale: The exhale shares this openness with the world
Inhale: The breath brings in the idea of openness towards opportunities, love, life
Exhale: Sends the openness to the places it is needed
Inhale: The breath stays long and slow, the heart is open
Exhale: Love is sent out through the slow breath
Inhale: I am open
Exhale: I am open
Inhale: My heart is open
Exhale: My heart is open

jeramie meditating


“Known as a stone of intuition, labradorite is thought to increase mental abilities while promoting creativity and imagination, enhancing the positive aspects of one’s personality by minimizing traits that drain one’s energy.” – Silver and Sage Jewelry

Exhale: The stale, stagnant air is removed from the body, palms ground down on the knees
Inhale: Brings fresh, new air into the body, the heart rate lowers, the mind steadies
Exhale: The thoughts that are weighing you down follow the air out of the body
Inhale: The vision of creativity enters
Exhale: The vision is allowed to become what it needs to become, nothing more
Inhale: Slowly, mindfully sipping in air, the imagination begins to run wild
Exhale: Releases attachment but opens the mind to positivity
Inhale: The bodies energy begins to build, the breath stokes the internal fire
Exhale: Controls the heat, keeping the thoughts in the place of creativity
Inhale: Longest of the day, lets the recurring positive message to reappear
Exhale: Sends the message out to the universe
Inhale: Creativity
Exhale: Creativity
Inhale: Positivity
Exhale: Positivity

jeramieJeramie Vaine is a Professional Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Racer, CorePower Yoga 200-hour Power Yoga certified instructor and SUP Yoga Instructor. He was introduced to Yoga after playing with a few poses on an SUP board. He ventured into the studio, merged two passions and added a new element to his SUP Race training. As an athlete, he has been given the opportunity to share his knowledge of the benefits of Yoga to the SUP community by traveling to events, races and clinics. Jeramie has been involved in SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings, workshops, classes and clinics. Jeramie’s vision is to expose Yoga and SUP Yoga to people who think Yoga is not for them and change their life one pose at a time.