Free Yoga Class with Twee Merrigan: “Waking the Tiger and Dissolving F.E.A.R.” (Live at Wanderlust)

Join Twee Merrigan for a Prana Flow class to dissolve fear

Teacher: Twee Merrigan 

Style: Vinyasa, Prana Flow

Class Level: All levels

Class Description: This balancing asana practice looks the tiger of fear right in the eyes, harnesses the energy behind that fear, and channels it towards risk-taking, courage, and letting go into the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Learn to recognize F.E.A.R. as False Evidence (or Emotions) Appearing Real within your yoga practice and your reactions within your daily living. Transform the narrow projections of the limitations of our minds, the shadow illusions of our imaginations, and the exaggerated emotions created by our past experiences to emerge into the lightness of our actual being. After paradigm shifting questioning of our old belief patterns, we will extinguish those that no longer serve us, and begin to understand, accept, and love what really is, the infinite possibilities of the Now. It is here that our reality of limitless dreams can and will manifest. Discussion, asana + meditation.

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This class was filmed at Wanderlust Stratton 2012.