Free Yoga Class with Matt Giordano: “Shoulder Openers for Dudes” (Live at Wanderlust)

Join Matt Giordano for a vinyasa yoga class that focuses on opening up your shoulders

Teacher: Matt Giordano

Style: Vinyasa

Class Level: All levels

Class Description: Open your shoulders and learn the biomechanics that make it possible. Many of us simply think that if we keep doing something eventually it will work out. But that is only true if what we are repeating is a recipe for success, and often times that is not the case. This class both gets you into your body and gives your a strong understanding of what can otherwise be a complex and mysterious joint. Having rehabilitated my own shoulder back from a nearly shattered collar bone and fractured scapula, I have learned many tools along the way and am excited to share them with you. This is appropriate for all levels, be it for either therapeutic and/or advancement purposes.

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This class was filmed at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2014.