Free Yoga Class with Clara Roberts-Oss: “Sub Earth Dragon Flow” (Live at Wanderlust)

Join Clara Roberts-Oss for a class from Wanderlust Whistler that focuses on moving through various poses

Teacher: Clara Roberts-Oss

Style: Vinyasa

Class Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class Description: This sequence was taught to me by my martial arts teacher, Constantine Darling, creator of Chien Lung. It has similarities to a vinyasa sequence but with an emphasis on undulations. This vigorous flow will move us through many different planes within one cycle. We will begin with pranayama from this lineage and move through more classic sun salutations to warm the body. One of the gifts that this lineage has given me is an awareness of breath I had not experienced before. I look forward to sharing this form with you.

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This class was filmed at Wanderlust Whistler 2012.