Five Awesome Things About Wanderlust Stratton

Here are our top five favorite things about the iconic Wanderlust Stratton.

From the locally-sourced food to the inspiring yoga classes, the people and the dance parties, Wanderlust Stratton is a playground of adventure. Here are just a few things you have to look forward to:

Free Filtered Water

It’s BYOB here at Wanderlust: bring your own bottle. Water stations are located conveniently throughout the whole festival and if there is something I’ve learned to be true it’s to always trust people who make hydration a priority all whilst saving the planet. 

Food With Integrity

Small name restaurants and start-up food businesses flood the streets of Wanderlust. Real food, made by real people. Is there any other way to refuel after an hour and a half of asanas?

Ultimate Freedom

There is no such thing as the word hurry here. Time is always in our favor. Welcoming fields of grass beckon everyone to sit and enjoy the beauty that nature has given us and the gift of those like-minded that Wanderlust has provided.

Love Around Every Corner

It’s everywhere. Family love. Friend love. Stranger love. Yoga love. Food love. Love of the unknown as yogi’s step into classes with new teachers. There is only space for love here at Wanderlust.

Constant Inspiration

Endless yogis upside down in inversions or practicing AcroYoga are the inspiration we all need to do that extra chaturanga. Yet, yoga inspiration isn’t all that you’ll find. There’s an inspiration to be happy at Wanderlust. An inspiration to go with the flow, to connect deeper, to let go and just be. It’s the inspiration that many of us crave and have a hard time finding in our daily lives, but here this inspiration has no fear as it resides in every corner of Wanderlust festival.

Eva commits to a life united by love, sweat, and vibrancy. As she completes her Bachelor’s in Biology Eva endeavors to weave her knowledge of the human body into a connection to the mind and soul, as well as our planet. Eva aspires to be a full-time writer, spreading the importance of positivity and connection to ourselves worldwide.