Faith Hunter: The Spiritually Fly Path

Faith Hunter, yoga teacher and lifestylist, shares the emotional journey of love and pain that shaped the person that she has become today.

“That’s what I have to keep doing, every day that I show up, to be of service with no judgement, so whoever needs to be here, needs my love, my comfort—that’s what community is.” – Faith Hunter

In this talk from Wanderlust’s Speakeasy, Faith Hunter, yoga teacher and lifestylist, shares the emotional journey of love and pain that shaped the person that she has become today. Growing up in small town Louisiana, Faith’s early life was touched by the AIDs crisis of the 1980s. At the time, HIV research was still in its infancy, and the fear and misinformation circulating about the how the disease was spread was very real. After Faith’s two brothers contracted the disease from contaminated blood products, she and her family lived with the constant anxiety of being discovered. Years passed, perceptions shifted, and after years of keeping the family’s secret, it finally came out. Faith found this confession freeing, and with the continued support of her community she now helps spread the word through HIV awareness and living a bountiful life.

“I know that if I follow what I love, I live a life filled with joy based upon the community I have, there is purpose to my life.” – Faith Hunter

She is the founder and creator of Spiritually Fly, a philosophy that celebrates every moment of life. Using yoga’s tools of sound (both chanting and music), breath, and movement, Faith creates a fresh and modern way to encourage students to embrace their unique flow in life—on and off the mat. A next generation yoga teacher, Faith blends classic yogic principles and real world personal experiences into an Integrated Flow that is totally grounded and Spiritually Fly.

“Live your life full and with purpose.” – Faith Hunter

In this lecture you will learn to let down the walls, face your demons, step into honesty, follow your passions, trust and have faith, lead with love, and re-chart your life guided by your divine inner power. It also covers the guiding principles of Faith’s Spiritually Fly teachings:

  • Let down your walls and reveal your heart
  • Face your demons with compassion and bravery
  • Step into a place of honesty and stand in your own truth
  • Follow your passion with conviction and purpose
  • Trust and have faith in yourself and others
  • Give and lead with love
  • Be your divine self without apologizing

To learn more about Faith check out her website