Encompassing Love, For Grounded Presence

When time itself changes, so too do our opportunities for love and beauty.

Encompassing the beautiful moment is how we invite love into daily actions and everyday routines. We thrive, each of us, on the soft pleasure and warmth of love, so it makes perfect sense to include more of this in our day. And yet, it’s not always so easy, is it?

Daily reminders are wonderful, and we need to integrate love. Fully. Softly. Gently. Into the little moments, and into our thoughts – as we do the dishes, put out the rubbish and care for our home and its inhabitants – which includes us. We are the experience of love. In all its glory and all its failing as we try to measure ourselves against an ideal that does not exist. Which never existed other than in our minds.

To encompass beauty is to vibrate love. For in beauty there is no lack – only presence, and perhaps a touch of wonder. The natural harmony which creates the expression of beauty enables the receiving of it, as our senses both quieten and expand to enable the connection. Within this exchange, we experience love: the unseen, and yet powerful reminder that we too, matter.

To allow the beautiful moment, we practice receiving it. Breathing it in, as we pause to inhale the pleasure. A ‘beauty list’ of moments, ideas, thoughts and experiences which touch us in meaningful ways – this is a powerful way to encompass a higher vibration in the everyday. Revisiting this list, as we add to it, increases the appreciation. Time connecting with nature, a piece of art, appreciation for the labor of love of another, however, this looks – these are all invitations to a fuller day, creating an enhanced vision. A softening, of the heart. So, we can breathe.

When we recognize beauty before pain, and opportunity before the challenge, we enable movement of a different kind: in our homes, our lives and in our hearts. In our relationships, too. We create new inner pathways, born of the act of witnessing, as we look for the opportunity to experience the sensory bliss which comes with being in a moment of beauty. And in times of difficulty, it becomes a solace we return to which raises our spirit. Like a favorite piece of music, song, or resonant poem, we re-connect with our essence and higher presence. We come into alignment, as we come back home. Because we encompass love.


Delilah Sullivan – Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Land Energy Healer – is passionate about life, connection and beauty. A diverse background, Delilah shares gems of knowledge: about personal energy management, creativity, cultivating grounded presence, life experiences and our connection to each other, nature and the emerging ‘bigger picture’.

Author of ‘A Sense of Beauty’ weekday wisdom, channeler of the popular ‘Downloads from Spirit’ podcast and Private Consultant, she supports her clients to align their projects, land and energetic blueprints, opportunities and desires, sharing unique insight and awareness. Find her in nature or the city – for fascinating perspectives and conversations.

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