Ease into Tomorrow

With ease, life becomes very real.

Tomorrow is a day of ease.”  How often do we hear these words, said to ourself or from others? How frequently do we intend this?

I’m guessing perhaps not as often as we might like. Possibly because we don’t believe in ‘ease’ as a consistent way of being, day in, day out. And yet, the alternative is dis-ease.

We have been through a lot this past year or so – including a pervading sense of disease. Directly or indirectly, we have all been exposed to, ensconced in or surrounded by dis-ease; mentally, emotionally, physically…and energetically. Collectively, we may be coping, but its at the individual level where change happens…where choices impact outcome.

When ‘recovering from’ a disease, the instigation is to survival as we attempt to move away from the situation in order to distance ourselves from the fear. The hope is to create less dis-ease, but in the absence of an enticing vision, the underlying forces of ‘recovery’ will pull us back. At best, we can tread water. When however, we choose to transcend an experience, we alter our orientation and trajectory towards one of flourishing…and we must flourish in order to embody ‘ease’. Ease becomes the guidance, the light, the inspiration. Life cultivates new meaning, the soul awakens and choices become easier, aligned to feelings of wellbeing. We drop into flow.

A life of ease, is not a soft option, however. Far from it. Our thoughts create either ease or dis-ease. There is no other parameter. Fear creates dis-ease, joy creates ease…and so when we come into alignment with ease, we begin to choose accordingly. And whilst some choices might be obvious, others are less so. A programme of chemotherapy, intense study or work for instance, can be easier than the alternatives. It’s all a matter of context and perspective. An upholding of boundaries or a challenging conversation can one day, in the sudden realisation of our underlying fear, become easier than our silence. When we align with the joy, life becomes very real.

When ease is our intention, how  we choose becomes more important than what we choose.

We understand that ease is not just an idea, but a practice: that it’s not wealth, but health; not resistance but expansion – and all of it, as it is, too. We become adept at holding experiences and ourselves lightly, knowing when to step in and when to allow space.  We move with the underlying forces and motions of time and energy. We enjoy the changing context and nuances, observing how ‘tough’ choices become movements of ease and expansion, inspired by inner discovery.

Choosing ease is a willingness, above all else, to step into lightness. A willingness to ask the question: what would ease do right now? And to hear the answer. That can only be a good thing, can’t it? 🙂


Delilah Sullivan – Energy Channel, Healer & Mentor.

Delilah intuitively awakens energy, creating healing and guiding us to the vital – and often elusiveinner alignment we seek. Her gift, of the awareness and ability to walk between spiritual, energetic and physical dimensions, enables this transformational and accessible work – online, in nature, with the land and in the workplace.

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