Discover Jewelry Made with Real Heart

Artisans from all over the world come to Wanderlust with a similar purpose: sharing products with intention behind them. Our guide for the day, Janet Stone, introduces us to three stunning examples: The Giving Keys, Bahgsu Jewels, and Silver & Sage.

giving-keys-webEach year, the number of vendors offering intentional jewelry at Wanderlust Festival multiplies. Artisans from all over the world come together with a similar purpose: sharing products with real heart behind them.

What does it take to attract socially conscious consumers? According to Talitha Baker, director of events at The Giving Keys, based in Los Angeles, the authenticity of an intentional jewelry company lies in the soul of their mission.

Since 2011, The Giving Keys (photo at right) has been engraving inspirational words like “fearless” and “breathe” on recycled keys with a two-fold mission: employing people transitioning out of homelessness and promoting generosity through giving your key to someone in need. Their products can now be found in over 1,350 stores worldwide.

Bahgsu Jewelsbaghsu-web (photo at left), founded in 2008, handpicks their unique stones from all over the world, working with miners directly to create more meaningful jewelry. It all began when founder Madgi DelMoro took a silversmith class in a small town at the foothills of the Indian Himalyas. There, she learned to mold sterling silver around beautiful, natural stones. The name of the town was called Baghsu, so, when the time came to name her jewelry company, she swapped the g and h in the spelling to create Bahgsu Jewels.

Logan Mauldin, founder and lead designer of Silver & Sage, also found her inspiration overseas when she brought back several beautiful mala pieces made with gemstones and tulsi wood from India. These meaningful malas not only became meditation tools, but physical reminders of the wonderful experience of her travel. Fast forward a couple of years: After hand-making a mala for a friend, Mauldin soon realized she wanted to design malas to be useful in meditation, but also to be worn as intentional jewelry.

silver-sage-webSilver & Sage (photo at right) just completed their fourth summer participating in the Wanderlust Festivals. “It’s been inspiring for me, and I know for others,” said Mauldin, “to watch our companies grow beyond just one person, truly discovering the art of intention.”

Written by Ashley Rose Howard for Square.