You Really Can Do AcroYoga Anywhere

How do a few yogi pals spend a day walking around Sydney? Mostly on top of each other.

Daniel Scott had some time to kill before Wanderlust Festival on Cockatoo Island, so he called up Tiara Dinese and Kim Wainer and walked around sunny Sydney. How do a few yogi pals spend a day of exploration? Mostly on top of each other.

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One bonus of practicing AcroYoga in public? You don’t have to worry about having your own camera!


CasualAcro-DanielScott-1007187Enjoying a little quiet time in the cool shade, away from the midday sun and group tours.


Watching a master at work is always impressive, even if his mom packed his lunch for the day.



Kim and I keep ourselves busy as Tiara figures out the transportation situation.


CasualAcro-DanielScott-1007241That belt really brings the whole outfit together.


CasualAcro-DanielScott-1007257You should have seen the look on that woman’s face when Kim pulled the curtain open with her foot!


CasualAcro-DanielScott-1007316After deciding that the metro wasn’t going to get us where we wanted, Tiara and I decided to wait for the bus.


CasualAcro-DanielScott-1007326Nobody puts Tiara in the crosswalk!



Tripods? Who needs ’em!



We were trying to find the nearest bathroom. This gives a whole new meaning to “holding it,” right?



There is beauty everywhere you look. You just have to be open to seeing it.


Sydney Harbor is spectacular at sunset. Everyone is doing their thing, winding down after a beautiful day and gearing up for an amazing night!

Photos by People Seen (Michael Keen Chin). Find him on Instagram and Twitter @peopleseen, or at