Cyr Wheel Dancing: The Yin and Yang

Danni Gutierrez shares the experience of sharing his talent at a Wanderlust festival.

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Danni Gutierrez grew up in Venezuela. Having grown up on the coast at sea level, he wasn’t well-versed in the dizzying effects of altitude—which made shooting this video particularly challenging. At 10,000 feet, it was the highest he’d ever danced with the Cyr wheel. It was doubly challenging because the rock he was perched atop was slippery, and he had endured an hour-long hike, carrying equipment, to get to the ledge where they would shoot.

“That day I understood the importance of breathing and how much I love oxygen,” Danni says. “That day I understood yoga to a deeper level.”

He says that despite the challenges the experience was even more amazing than he had anticipated. He credits the crew’s good attitudes and openness to his ideas for this “high altitude artistic symbiotic experience a magical collaboration.”

Part of the magic of the experience Danni credits to the mountains themselves. “The images were pretty breathtaking,” he says, “the view from the Rocky Mountains, on a perfectly-balanced yin-yang marble design.”

Danni is also a musician and DJ, and composed the music in this video. He says that the song featured in the video is the product of a creative lockdown during which Danni and his friend Dario Boente spent three days in Danni’s apartment, “without leaving my room, writing the music from scratch.” They came up with the song after experimenting merging together Danni’s electronic influence and Dario’s classical training. They had been trying to get together for over a year, and this project spurred the creation of their musical piece, “Lust and Found,” of which they’re now both very proud.

What will the festival inspire in you?

Produced by Wanderlust
Filmed and edited by: Greenheart.TV)
Directed by: Jefe Greenheart
Assistant Director and Choreographer: Danni G.
Music: Lust and found
Song: love is the end (Dario Boente Music / ASCAP).

Dario Boente: All keyboards and programming.
Produced by Dario Boente and DJ Danni G.
Filmed at Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass 2015