Awaken Awareness With the Moon Deck

How a personal journey toward inner strength led to the creation of a very special deck of cards.

There is immense power in our words. What we think and speak shapes how we feel inside and how we see the world around us.

We all know what it’s like to get pulled into the quicksand of our thoughts and we’ve all had moments when negative thinking gets the better of us. Going down this rabbit hole can have a significant effect on our lives, especially if it becomes a common pattern.

When you’re feeling out of touch with your best self, take a pause and honestly glance at how you’ve been speaking to yourself. When it comes to how we shape our inner dialogue, it’s important that we build awareness and fine-tune our ability to choose a healthier pathway in as many moments as possible. Little by little things will shift and we can begin to reshape our mindset in any situation.

Like most things, this takes practice.

After years of struggle with mild depression, overthinking my way into anxiety, and being a highly sensitive gal, I’ve found that healthy and creative outlets are a life-saving and necessary tool for my personal and spiritual development. I truly don’t know where I would be without yoga, meditation, women’s circles, and my library of oracle and affirmation decks. Over the last 20-plus years, these tools have helped me become a more integrated and whole woman. In return I’ve become a teacher and guide, sharing my growth with others.

moon-deck-compassThrough this journey the desire to create my own healing deck was born. I’ve been amazed by the experiences students have when I share my favorite card decks in class. They always seem to receive “the perfect card” that tells them “exactly what they needed to hear.” What resonated with me seemed to also be working for them.

Eventually this seed grew and my dream team came together to create The Moon Deck. With illustrator Andrea Keh and strategist Ashley Bruni, we embarked on a deep and rewarding journey to actualize a shared vision of helping our sisters take ownership of their power and reimagine their lives. Inspired by the cyclical nature of the moon and the inherent wisdom of women, we designed an intuitive tool for self-growth.

Just like yoga and meditation, mindfulness around our thoughts and words can elevate our awareness and our presence. Whenever you notice yourself slipping into negative thought forms, you can use the power of mantras and affirmations to instantly uplift your vibration and perspective.

The Moon Deck is an inspiring oracle set that provides a guide for exactly this type of practice. Complete with 44 illustrated cards carrying potent mantras, plus an accompanying guidebook with deeper wisdom and suggested rituals, the set comes housed in a hand-crafted wood box and ready to start transforming your habits. Our offering is meant to help you develop a deeper connection to your intuition, your self-care practices, and the loving spiritual guidance that is available to each of us.

By consistently picking a daily card, putting the suggested rituals into action, or giving yourself a full reading similar to tarot, this deck will uplift and inspire—helping you to reshape mental chatter into intentional, positive affirmations.

To learn more about the creation of The Moon Deck, watch our video and help us reach our production goals by pre-ordering now.

aaronaganesanInspired by 20 plus years of yoga, 12 years as a yoga teacher and wellness adviser, a BFA in photography and mixed media arts, and a love of writing and world travel- Aarona is devoted to sharing her growth and tools with others. She is the author and co-creator of The Moon Deck, provides guidance through yoga classes and coaching, leads global adventure retreats and women’s workshops, and actively blogs. Find her in NYC and beyond at and and instagram @aarona.ganesan and @the_moondeck. 


Andi KehAndrea (Andi) Keh is a Brooklyn based artist and proud mama of two.  She is a certified yoga teacher, passionate silk painter and Illustrator of The Moon Deck. Find her at and instagram @andikeh and @the_moondeck.