A Meditation With Turquoise

The truths of turquoise can set you free—or at least set you on the right path.

Turquoise is a stone known in holistic healing communities for its powers in restoring balance physically, mentally and spiritually and has been used since time immemorial by people world-wide, from the Tibetans to the Native Americans. Within the yoga tradition, turquoise is associated with the throat chakra and our ability to both speak and live our truth. It’s a stone that helps us transcend old inhibitions and regressive patterns and habits associated with tamping down our words, offerings and beliefs to make others feel more comfortable or to maintain status quo.

In this meditation, sit on a bolster or meditation cushion with a turquoise mala around your neck. This is preferable to using a typical japa mala that you hold in your hand, because the stones are in physical contact with your throat and throat chakra. Instead of sitting in silence, inwardly repeating a mantra, in this meditation you will chant out loud. This will help to restore a healthy balance to your throat chakra and communication, which may either be suppressed or overly active and out of alignment with your true self.

If you choose to use the Sanskrit mantra, you will repeat “Om Satyayai Namaha” (Om Sot-yah-yay Nah-mah-hah). You can also say it out loud in English: “I Honor The Power Of Truth.” While chanting, internally focus on the pathway from your heart to your throat to your crown and back again, in a smooth, seamless loop. Set a timer for 15 minutes. When you’re done, notice how you feel, in detail. Set an intention for how you will put this power into action by listing three ways you will be truth in action, starting today!

Bonus Tip: Om Satyayai Namaha is a mantra associated with the Hindu Goddess Durga. If this deity is meaningful to you, having an image or statue of Durga nearby as you practice this meditation may give a feeling of amplification of your efforts and a powerful harnessing of your focus and intention.

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