7 Ways to Eradicate Your Negative Relationship with Money

Do spirituality and credit cards make a good marriage? Many highly artistic and spiritual people seem to have…

Do spirituality and credit cards make a good marriage? Many highly artistic and spiritual people seem to have a negative relationship with money, which only further perpetuates the starving artist image.

Even though I have a degree in business, I always felt I was faking it in the business world. I never wanted to work in a big corporation, but when I took low paying jobs in the in the fashion industry, I kept wondering why I wasn’t making more.

During my first Kundalini class at Wanderlust, a powerful image changed the way I viewed money, wealth, and finance. Somewhere between holding downward dog for five minutes (one of the hardest things I’ve EVER done in a yoga class!) and another five-minute pose, I saw an image of myself happy, smiling, abundant… and rich. It wasn’t like I was Scrooge McDuck swimming in a pool of money. Rather, I was rich because I had resources to accomplish meaningful things and had extra to share.

Later at a business of yoga workshop, someone raised the issue about feeling bad making money as a yoga instructor. The response she received was that we need to see the transaction as an exchange in value. People are happy to pay for things that they find valuable, even if it’s expensive. In fact, it’s similar to reaching zero gravity in an arm balance; the buyer and seller’s needs are perfectly balanced.

Here are a few tips to help you along your journey to achieve a positive relationship with money:

1. Be financially aware
At any given time, know how much you have in your bank account within $100. Make it a daily practice to check your books.

2. Question images of cash
Ask yourself why you feel bad about making money, and answer this honestly. Did you learn it from childhood experiences?

3. Rethink it as a resource
Don’t overthink it. Money is only valuable for what it’s able to do. Certainly you have big dreams you want to chase, people to help, world problems to solve. Money is another resource that will help you make a difference.

4. Know your worth
You won’t ever be able to attract wealth if you don’t value yourself. So don’t cheap out on that fancy latte or skip that yoga workshop. Invest in yourself so others will too.

5. Feel the wealth
We often say seeing is believing, but that only allows you to understand intellectually. To get to the core, feeling is believing. You need to feel wealth and value flow through your veins, whatever that means for you. Do this through creative visualization and soon you’ll start feeling wealthy, and start acting like it.

6. Let it go
If you want wealth coming in, you’ve got to be able to let it go too. Don’t hard-bargain with your graphics designer; pay her for what she’s worth and you’ll feel the same way with others value you. Just like the breath, you’ve got to let it in, then let it go.

7. Save up by making more
Do you think a hypothetical yoga teacher would make more by spending less? Or would he bring more abundance into his life by offering more interesting workshops to larger audiences? You be the judge.

wanderlustmirandasam.jpg copyMiranda Sam is a marketing professional and fashion writer from Vancouver, BC. She believes that we all need to actively push our boundaries, whether on the mat or with our personal style. This yin yoga certified instructor will gladly help you challenge yourself with an inversion or try a new look. Check out Miranda’s latest fashion musings on www.StylebyFire.ca.