4 Ways to Keep it Light this Summer

These four intentions can assist you in making decisions as you navigate the delights of the summer season.

Summer is a time for easing into a routine that honors communion: we gather with friends, we leave behind strictures of early bedtimes, we indulge in travel and seek adventures. This seasonal shift into a mindset with fewer rules is often liberating; but a few guideposts along the way can help us from over-indulging or losing sight of what’s truly good for us. These four intentions can assist you in making sound decisions as you navigate the delights of the summer season.

Don’t Overcommit

Coming out of a pandemic year, where we’ve been cooped up and quarantined, we might be tempted to say yes to everything that comes our way. As you weigh the invites that light up your phone, bear in mind: even the process of communicating about, getting ready and commuting to a get together is an expenditure of energy that we haven’t practiced frequently in the last year. What used to feel like an easy skip hop to see a friend might feel more arduous than it once did. Set yourself up for success by only saying yes to the things that your whole body says, “I must do this.” Feeling overcommitted is a drag: either you’re left disappointing people when you cancel, or you end up showing up as less than your best self. Limit social obligations to keep your summer feeling light.

Eat Clean

WLFood_summer_saladEating seasonally is one of the best ways to allow your body to acclimate to what nature is prescribing. In the summer, ayurveda suggests that our agni (digestive fire) dissipates in order to assist keeping the body cool. Avoid foods which can slow digestion, like fried foods and high fiber foods. Be selective about how much spice you add during hot summer months, as the capsaicin can adversely affect the pitta dosha which creates more body heat. Curbing salt cravings is also important in order to maintain optimal hydration. 

Look to incorporate tomatoes, watermelon, celery, and cantaloupe which help keep the body hydrated and nourished. Try your hand at growing a few, select herbs (here’s a top 10 for summer!) that can enhance your summer recipe selection. 

Drink Light 

KJ_AVANT LOW CAL_Book_smallerSummer is known for the freedom to lean into libations. But being mindful of alcohol intake is important—not just the alcohol content, but the calories that come with them.

Replacing your standard white wine with Kendall-Jackson’s new AVANT Lower Calorie Chardonnay trims about 1/3 of the calories of a typical glass of white wine, and also provides robust flavor at just 9% alcohol. You don’t have to sacrifice your sunset aperitif; just be mindful of what you’re imbibing and you’ll remain on your path to true north.


According to Parsley Health, Breathwork has been shown to reduce stress, increase alertness and boost your immune system. 


While there are different types of breathwork, the mission largely remains the same: to move some type of energy through the body. Twenty minutes of sustained practice can result in people reporting tingling sensations, feelings of alertness, and sensations of a deeper mind-body connection. Some people describe an emotional purging, and the release of energetic blockages, resulting in a sensation of lightness of being. Give it a try for free with the 14-day free trial on Wanderlust TV: we suggest Erin Rose Ward’s Breathwork for Ayurvedic Balance