31 Ways to Play

Spring is almost here! Get playing with these ideas, one for each day of the month.

Play isn’t just for kids. Running, dancing, meditating, practicing: It’s how we harness our inner spirit and feed our imagination. #OmOutAndPlay with us at a Wanderlust 108 event or festival this season! 

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  1. Be a tourist in your own city… Take a Time Out and explore! 
  2. Color Playful Nature: Coloring for the Here and Now—Wanderlust Media’s first-ever coloring book.
  3. Belt out your favorite tunes in the shower.
  4. Dance while cleaning your apartment.
  5. Give an intramural sports team a shot.
  6. Play with your food! Try new recipes and have a potluck with friends.
  7. Make time for introspective moments—pick up a journal.
  8. Take a personal day from work, but don’t make plans—go wherever your heart tells you.
  9. Try fancy food at a restaurant you’d normally not go to or try on clothing at a store from which you’d normally not buy.
  10. Charity Miles—get psyched for a Wanderlust 108 by moving to support a cause closest to your heart.
  11. Get out of your comfort zone—try a new workshop or class in your city.
  12. Have a picnic in the park.
  13. Print out pictures and revamp your decorations.
  14. Pamper yourself—indulge in some self-love.
  15. Plan a staycation.
  16. Attend a Mudderella event near you and get dirty.
  17. Take a new route to work to get out of your usual routine.
  18. Read a book.
  19. Make a fort and have a movie night in it.
  20. Get out in nature and enjoy a hike.
  21. Unplug for a Saturday. Yes, for the whole day.
  22. Plant some seeds from a fruit you ate and watch them grow. (Tomatoes are the easiest and take up the least amount of space).
  23. Use a glass cup for your coffee and pour in some cream, but don’t stir! Watch the beautiful patterns it creates as it swirls around.
  24. Send homemade cards in the mail to people you love (or even a handwritten note).
  25. While you wait in line, make up funny stories about the other people in line.
  26. Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about.
  27. Make time to watch the sunrise or sunset and go to the highest place available to take it in.
  28. Roll down a hill.
  29. Have a clothing swap with friends.
  30. Daydream for five minutes in the middle of the day.
  31. Rearrange your space to make it feel exciting and fresh.

How will you play this spring? Let us know by using #OmOutAndPlay or by responding in the comments below.