What would happen if you took five minutes every day to interrupt the go-go-go cycle with a moment a play? If you reconnected with your inner child, sought mindfulness, and rediscovered what it feels like to live in the moment?

Stop waiting. The time is now.

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31 Ways to Play

Play isn’t just for kids. Running, dancing, meditating, practicing: It’s how we harness our inner spirit and feed our imagination.

Spring is almost here! Get playing with these ideas, one for each day of the month.


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Behind the Lines of the Wanderlust Media Coloring Book

By now, many of us know that coloring is good for us.

We’re here to give you a glimpse inside the magic: To see our first ever Wanderlust Media (Wanderlust + YOGANONYMOUS) coloring book transform from blank page to intricate—sometimes surprising—beauty.


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Outside Play Keeps the Bad Stuff Away

Frolic, skip, dance, lay in the grass. Absorb that vitamin D, focus your attention, and let your stresses melt away.

No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to head outside for some much needed play.


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Returning Ourselves to the Wild

As places of wilderness become fewer, we risk forgetting our own wild nature.

Their preservation and our own spiritual growth are inextricably entwined. In the witnessing of the wild, we remember and reclaim our own.


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Surfing, Fear, and Letting Go

I didn’t want to go surfing because I was afraid of failure, looking stupid, and getting hurt.

The next time you fear trying something new, I urge you to ask yourself why. The rewards will likely outweigh the risks.


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Reimagining Classic Kids’ Toys as Meditation Tools

What other childhood activities could us old folks co-opt to simultaneously channel our nostalgic yearnings and stay rooted in the present?

Turns out, a lot of classic toys have a mindful, even meditative, aspect to them—which makes sense.


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Leading Joyful Lives: How to Play Together

We need to play together.

It’s time to get back to our roots, dig in the dirt, fantasize, collaborate, and be creative—even if it’s just a few minutes a day.


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8 Ways to Increase Your Fun Factor

When we were kids, we would play for hours.

But over time we grow up and trade in all those wonder-filled moments for work and bills and responsibilities. Here are a few small ways to find your way back to the fun stuff.


The Case for the Five-Minute Dance Break

No matter the length, a dance party brings with it a slew of health benefits.

Feel it for yourself. Put on your favorite tune and shake it like you mean it. You’ll feel the benefit in your body and mind immediately!


4 Ways to Add Playfulness to Your Yoga Practice

OK, OK. We know yoga is about the union of your mind, body, and spirit.

We’re on the path to enlightenment. But, while we’re on that long journey, can we turn up the radio, or invite a traveling companion to make the long and winding yogic road more fun?


5 Ways to Channel Your Inner Kid

As adults our perspectives get more solidified with each day. Take time to rekindle the activities, emotions and curiosity of your childhood.

See your life through your 7-year-old eyes and ensure you are living the life a younger you would be proud of.


3 Powers Activated by Taking a Soul Nap

Napping has tremendous physiological benefits, and so does relaxation.

Making the conscious choice to be vulnerable and take a soul nap combines the two activities and allows us the clarity, freedom, and shift in attitude to be reinvigorated, mindful, creative, and joyful.


Why You Should Give Yourself a Timeout

We all need to take a timeout—every single one of us.

A retreat is just that: A break from the daily grind in order to get clear on what you like about your life and what could be working better. Don’t wait—take a timeout for you.


To inspire the playfulness within your heart, check out these videos:

Don’t be afraid to fall


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Walk on water


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Dance your heart out


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