12 Quotes From Yoga Legend Eoin Finn To Reignite Your Practice

Going through a dull patch? These quotes from Eoin Finn will light your inner fire.

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Eoin Finn is celebrated for a myriad of reasons, namely his ability to inspire bliss and create joy through his nature-centric yoga practice. Yoga Journal calls him the “Thoreau of Yoga” for this level of eco-activism and Oprah lauded him as “one to watch.” His own yoga system, Blissology, is dedicated to exploring methods for bringing more love, joe, and awe into our daily lives.

It’s no surprise then that we’re bringing Eoin and his love for the natural world out to the North Shore of Hawaii for Wanderlust O’ahu. We hope you join us—until then, here are some of our favorite words from Eoin.

Eoin Finn on the beach meditating

On Work

Being busy is not always a virtue. We’ve inherited a world where busyness is a badge of importance but it’s not a sustainable path. I’m reminding myself to create spaces of slow, conscious breaths to center my mind and body throughout the day for health, energy, flow, sanity, and (counter intuitively) maximum productivity.

On Love

Love fearlessly. In moments like this, I have no problem being vulnerable. I just show up and let Love come through me.

Love is the strongest force in the universe. When we tune into it, our life has immense meaning and purpose. Nature opens the door to our deepest heart. Go somewhere beautiful and get quiet. Feel the beauty inside and out.

On Community

There are many who want to divide us but we say no. We are one and our hearts know it.

On Teaching

For me, I have never felt that I am just teaching yoga poses. I want to get in touch with my highest vibrational self and let that ripple through me in all actions. I let go of expectations of how my offerings land and just share from the most authentic place in my soil in hopes that we can be kinder to ourselves, each other, and nature.

On Yoga

Mobility is the new jacked! I love alignment based yoga but it’s so important to get off the grid and move in fluid, circular ways. I want to develop muscles that move. They can be strong when they need to be strong and loose when we want them to be.

My yoga practice is about freeing myself from the cafe of my turbulent mind where I can merge with the wild and expansive sky. Light and shadow pass by on the clear canvas of infinity and I know no other state but boundless joy.

Y.O.G.A. You’ve only got attitude! I’m working on keeping mine as positive as possible.

On Meditation

Sometimes we need to close our eyes to see better. Sit with a group of people and you can feel the presence of others around you. It is not the same feeling as sitting in your apartment alone. My definition of energy is “subtle communication system.” My goal is to use mindfulness and presence as a tool to become more aware with the way our energy is flowing. Without checking in, our daily energy is directed from outside sources and tends to become dull. Moments like this recalibrate our hearts and energy fields back to positive flow.

On Growth

The universe is remind me daily that Enlightenment is not a radical transformation. It is about slowing down enough to feel that joy in our hearts when we make the space to sense the miracle of small things. It will all be over soon and a distracted mind misses the juiciness of all things.

On Nature

If we were more still we would be more connected to nature. If we were more connected to nature, we would be less willing to fill the air and water with gasoline and noise. What we learned as kids is true: Silence is golden. Find some time today, drop into a pose and hold it for a while, draining stress and worry out of your tissues. Connect your breath back to nature. Let peace permeate.

The more I blur the lines between where I end and nature ends, the happier I am.

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