The Mindful Drinking Game Plan You Need to Know

It feels great to know that you’re making choices that serve you well.

More of us than ever are choosing to drink more mindfully to help live a more balanced lifestyle. It’s not only the result of a pandemic, which made many reassess the choices we make about looking after our bodies, but also a societal shift away from the drinking culture as more people are working from home. And the good news is that drinking less no longer means having to choose a less enjoyable option

Many are choosing mindful drinking over complete sobriety. Mindful drinking isn’t only about drinking less, but being more aware of what you’re drinking: choosing one glass of a great wine rather than throwing back one cheap bottle, or prioritising the flavour of your elderflower liqueur over the alcohol content.

If you would like to drink more mindfully, there are steps you can take to make it easier.

PLAN ahead. Social pressure is a big trigger for many of us. So, before you head out for work drinks or to meet friends, have a plan. What are you going to drink? How much? And what will you say to anyone who tries to pressure you into drinking more than you planned? It helps to know which No or Low (known as NoLo) drinks will be available because having a drink in your hand can stave off remarks from colleagues or friends. 

CHOOSE wisely. Consider replacing some of the drinks you have at home with No & Low alternatives. It might sound silly, but often the ‘clink-fizz’ of opening a delicious cold beverage can be all you need to stave off that pang for a drink. Stock your fridge with delicious options, such as the MARTINI® Vibrante Non-Alcoholic Aperitif.

THINK about your drinking holistically. Is it balanced in other ways? For example, is the company you are buying from sustainable? Is the flavour something that you really enjoy? Are you surrounding yourself with people who enjoy drinking in a mindful way? And always measure spirits when mixing drinks, rather than mindlessly sloshing it in. Your drink deserves more care than that.

EMBRACE the slow drinking movement by paying more attention. If you’re a person who habitually pours a drink once the kids are in bed, then it will make a huge difference to simply pause and notice your senses. Take your time to prepare a drink, and enjoy every sip. It’s about joyful experiences: knowing what you enjoy and sharing it with friends.

EXPLORE alternatives but that doesn’t necessarily mean having fewer drinks. It can mean having No & Low alternatives, or halving the amount of gin in your G&T. 

CALCULATE alcohol units and AVB, the formula you need to know to stay in control. (ML x AVB) % / 10.
Mindful drinking is about making choices to find a more balanced lifestyle. It’s having a sense of awareness of what you’re putting into your body and the way in which your choices impact the world around you. And it feels great to know that you’re making better ones.

Bacardi-Martini offers mindful cocktails containing less than 1 alcohol unit and a range of options to fit your lifestyle. If you’re looking for no and low cocktails then try these three options: for no try Vibrante Spritz with MARTINI® Vibrante Non-Alcoholic Aperitif, and for low the La Vie En Rose with ST-GERMAIN® elderflower liqueur or a Mojito Spritz with BACARDÍ® Carta Blanca rum.

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Please enjoy responsibly, for the facts.


rosamund deanAbout the Author

Rosamund Dean is a journalist, author and speaker. A columnist for the Sunday Times Style and a contributing editor on Grazia, she has contributed to the Telegraph, Red and Women’s Health. She is the author of Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life, a simple, practical guide for those who want to have a healthier relationship with alcohol. Rosamund lives in London with her husband, Sunday Times writer Jonathan Dean, and their two children.
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