10 Years of Wanderlust with Gina Caputo

It’s our 10-year anniversary! In this series, we catch up with some of our most beloved Wanderlust teachers over the years. This week: Gina Caputo.

Tradition dictates that a 10-year anniversary is celebrated with aluminum; modern norms have ditched the tin for diamonds. As we begin celebrating 10 years of Wanderlust in 2019, we think the diamond is apropos: Over the years, we’ve certainly refined the proverbial lump of mindful coal into what we consider a shining beacon of the promise of wellness for all.

It’s been a journey—and there have certainly been plenty of bumps along the road. But one of the things that hasn’t changed (and of which, full disclosure, we’re pretty darn proud!) is our great relationship with world-class teachers. Every year we bring you a roster of renowned talent to help you find your true north. In this series, we’ll highlight some of those teachers who have been with us over the years—and how they look back at their relationship with Wanderlust over the past decade. This week: Gina Caputo.

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Tell us about your first time at Wanderlust.

2010 Squaw!! I still recall some standout moments of awe: Shiva’s classes in The Greatest Place were the biggest yoga classes I’d ever seen to date. On the other end of the spectrum, I didn’t know what Dubstep was and had my initiation in a literal ocean of people at Bassnectar. I remember during Moby’s acoustic set feeling like I’d better fully drink this in because it was a special, magical moment that would never be repeated in the same way. There was also the moment of breaking into spontaneous song with “strangers” on the funitel, and yoga on the skating rink at High Camp—that blew my head off.

woman teaching yoga from stage in cow pose

Gina Caputo teaching at Wanderlust Snowmass (no longer a Festival) in 2013.

What does Wanderlust mean to you?

I’ve been to Wanderlust as a student, an assistant and a teacher and in all ways, Wanderlust means connection. The locations make a re-connect to Nature an accessible priority, I connect with colleagues year after year and celebrate how we’ve grown and changed and evolved our craft, I connect with students that I’ve met elsewhere for a reunion or that I’ve met at Wanderlust and it has become “our spot”, I connect with music that I know and love or that I’ve never heard before and let it touch me deeply in new ways. I connect with community, I connect with my Self. It makes me smile just to reflect on what Wanderlust means to me 🙂

This Firefly Pose mini-workshop was filmed with Gina at Wanderlust Squaw Valley, 2015.

How has Wanderlust been a part of your journey?

Wanderlust’s consistent emphasis through the years on Yoga, Music, Food & Nature aligns identically with the forces that drive and inspire me both personally and professionally—it’s been like finding my soulmate! At these events, I get the opportunity to both learn from experts in all these fields and make offerings to support the growth of the adventurers who come.

Gina Caputo in black and white image
Portrait by Melissa Gayle

Click through the above image of Gina to read a Q&A about her signature Integrated Vinyasa™, published in the Journal in 2018.

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