10 Reasons We Do Yoga

Last year, I came across Simon Sinek’s popular TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. He spoke about…

Last year, I came across Simon Sinek’s popular TED Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. He spoke about how great leadership starts with great intention – it all starts with WHY. I was then inspired to look at my own life, and asked myself why I do the things I do.

I started questioning my reason for my fitness choices. Was it out of ego or was there some sort of deeper purpose? I started to wonder why I do yoga, and why everyone else does it. My reason is simple: I do yoga because it connects me closer to myself and to others. And I was fortunate to interview 10 other Wanderlusters to learn about their yoga raison d’etre. The diversity in their answers is simply divine.

“I started off wanting to get stronger but I ended up learning about myself. My journey has turned into personal growth, and in time you do get stronger.” – Linda Godin, practicing for 2 years

“I do yoga because it brings peace in times of chaos.” Suzanne Ware, practicing for 13 years

“I started practicing yoga because I was injured from sports. I started doing it for flexibility and strength, but through it I learned to be present: to sit there and be happy with who you are.” – Bruce Duong, practicing for 4 years

“For mental and emotional clarity, and to support my immune system.” – Daphne Woo, practicing for 12 years

“I feel yoga keeps me going. I do it for the longevity of my body and for looking fabulous!” – Aldin Chang, practicing for 4 years

“I do yoga because it feels really good to me, it’s fun, and it feels right. Even when it’s hard and challenging it feels right for my whole being. – Jenny Finkel, practicing for 23 years

“ I do yoga because it’s my grounding. It brings me back to who I want to be and who I’m working on becoming. Through the practice of asana, it’s been my center.” Jenny Quilty, practicing for 5 years

“To accelerate the change needed to step fully into the design that is me.” Tom Carroll, practicing for 3 years

“To quiet my mind and find peace in the chaos of my life.” – Cameron Cler, 11 years

“ ‘Cause it makes me feel connected to my spirit.” – Sheri Zebroff, practicing for 15 years

wanderlustmirandasam.jpg copyMiranda Sam is a marketing professional and fashion writer from Vancouver, BC. She believes that we all need to actively push our boundaries, whether on the mat or with our personal style. This yin yoga certified instructor will gladly help you challenge yourself with an inversion or try a new look. Check out Miranda’s latest fashion musings on www.StylebyFire.ca