10 Mantras for Sweat Junkies

Need some inspiration to match your perspiration? These mantras will do the trick.

Ruh-roh, forgot your deodorant this morning? Don’t sweat the small stuff—or do! The Spiritual PA has the perfect read for all the soul-searching-sweat-junkies and persistent-perspiring-gurus out there. Whether you are sweating on your yoga mat, on an off-beaten track, or just out of sheer anxiety, these mantras are for you. On your marks, get set….go!

1. Challenge Mantra

Remember that little train whose mantra was simply, “I think I can, I think I can”?

I think I can, on repeat, is the perfect mantra for those about to tackle the steepest of hills or the longest of journeys. It gives new meaning to word training!

2. Transformation Mantra

It’s not coincidence that you have a sweat stain on your back that looks like a butterfly. Sweat signifies transformation, change, and development. Your mantra: “I transform myself when I push myself.” Then spread ‘em wings!

3. Growth Mantra

You know that overwhelming sense of awesome that hits you when you try something new for the first time and master it? Well imagine if you never tried anything new—yikes! Make your growth work out mantra a simple one: “I’m limitless.” Now say it with me, “I am limitless.” Yeah you are!

4. Speed Mantra

Got the need for speed? Alright Speedy Gonzalez, you already have the drive in your blood stream and the motivation in your pulse, so your mantra is all about keeping you in high gear: “I move as fast as light, I move as fast as light.” Look at you go, you are on high beam.

5. Endurance Mantra

Gritting your teeth, on your last legs, shaky, gasping for air, about to give up? The difference between a champion and someone who wishes they were a champion is that the champion never gave up. Believe that you have more in you, and you will find the stamina—believe it. “I’m capable of more than I can imagine.” Because the coolest thing that can happen in a work out is when you surprise yourself.

6. Stretch Mantra

The best thing about watching someone reach past their toes or push down lower into the splits is checking their facial expressions. It’s a mesmerizing mix of pure concentration and determination mixed with a dash of fear and concern. You ironically need to relax and breathe deeper into your stretch, so your mantra is about reinforcing the art of letting go. “I let go of everything that holds me back.” Sigh of relief—I feel more limber already.

7. Intensify Mantra

OK Cross Fitters, this is one’s for you. We get how excited exercise can be explosive, high-intensity, burpee-jump-lunging-goodness. As you try to blink the sweat from rolling into your eye, try to see if this mantra can help push one more rep into your workout. “It’s me vs. me.”

8. Cleanse Mantra

The flush, the twist, the detox, the Bikram steamer, the workout towel wringer—this mantra is for those that like their sweat served up in the cleansing variety. Breathe deeply through your nose and tell yourself, “I release anything that no longer serves me,” and then exhale letting any doubts, fears, stresses, or toxins exit your system. The perfect peace-out mantra!

9. Energy Mantra

Remember Flick the Fire Engine? Well you need to be big and strong to fight every flame and, most importantly, flick the switch! Channel your inner fire engine and send your alarm bells soaring with this energy-enhancing mantra: “Call the little engine, call the little engine, call the little engine.” You are summoning your energy engine to kick into overdrive. Dang, you’re on fire.

10. Agility Mantra

This one’s for the fast-footed-dodgers, the quick-steppers, the speedy-side-shufflers, the mantra to help you stay focused and grounded while in action. Being agile has nothing to do with how you are built and everything to do with how you move. Imagine your fast spirit animal and repeat after me: “I’m as quick as a [INSERT FAST SPIRIT ANIMAL HERE].” 

Photo by Jake Laub 

Emma Mildon

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