5 Soul Search Alarms You Might Have Missed and Need to Know

Revisiting friend choices? Quitting your job? Ding ding!

Have you missed a call? Hitting the snooze button on a soul search call may result in a longer sit on the couch in your comfort zone, but it can be the reason why you may not be moving forward in your life or be where you want to be. So back away from the pause button and tune into to these top 5 alarm bells from your soul sending you an SOS call to soul search.

1. You Tap Out of a Relationship

You managed to notice you were on a sinking ship in the relationship department, however instead of making a swim for shore you are sitting in a life raft waiting to be rescued. Dude, I am standing on shore and can see you—save yourself! A relationship ending is the perfect time to start a new chapter. Your choice: The raft with one paddle, the overcrowded lift raft, or the 5 star get-me-the-hell-outta-here jet boat. Tallyho!

2. Peace Out Job

You finally felt your eye lid twitch one too many times for a Monday and showed your boss the f*** you mudra, leaving your job on the horizon behind you. Don’t get caught up in the bills, or your parents’ advice of “oh dear, you should never leave a job without another one to go to!” Here is your window to align with your soul’s purpose. Start looking into companies you actually want to work for, people you actually want to work with, and projects you actually want to work on. Don’t miss your souls calling.

3. The Friend Cull

You evolved, awakened, and developed emotionally and spirituality, which organically results in your shedding a few relationships that no longer serve you. See ya skeptic Sharon and negative Nancy, hello inspirational Ingrid and motivational Molly! Make sure you listen to your soul’s guidance about who adds to your life, who takes from it, and those who just simply suck the living bejesus out of it. Cut the umbilical cord of any people strangaling your soul.

4. You Get the Itch

Ew! Not that kind of itch, gross sicko. The travel kind. Yip, you’re totes Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love right now. If you have the call to soul search abroad then go! Spin that globe, grab that pocket translation guide book you’ll probally never use, and take off. Don’t get caught up in the excuses of “It’s not a great time,” or “I should really save more.” Your soul is letting you know that the time is now, so shut up and trust it. I’m no Einstein, but your soul is smarter than you and I put together.

5. You Get Inspired

You know what’s cool? If you have been inspired you have something in common with Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, and even your favorite yogi. The only difference is they saw their inspiration through—will you? An a-ha moment is your soul giving you a clue to your destiny. Nurture your inspired thoughts, repspect them with action, and allow your soul a channel to express and create.

So, are you awake? Listen to your soul’s alerts, reminders, and, most of all, alarms! That siren you feel from that gut inkling, that loud horn within your intuition, that scream from your higherself… It’s a call you need to take, a call you should definitely listen to. Put your life on hold, and answer the call for a change.

Photo by Ali Kaukas

Emma-mildonEmma Mildon is an author, columnist, and spiritualist that specializes in spiritual research that she shares to her readers through her interactive website, app, and books. Giving her readers easy access to everything from spiritual scriptures across all religions, to different types of yoga to explore, crystals, feng shui right down to how to work out your astrology and numerology. Keep an eye out for her book ‘The Soul Searchers Handbook’ out later this year with Simon & Schuster USA or visit her website, emmamildon.com. You can also find Emma on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Google+