Health "Secret" Everyone Should Know

For me, the secret to life is rest!

Our society is geared toward constant movement, contact and stress. We don’t sleep enough and when we do, our sleep quality is poor because we’ve kept ourselves so stimulated throughout the day and evening. Rest is vital for repairing muscles and replenishing brain cells. It strengthens our immune systems and helps regulate hormones and emotions. And there are so many different ways to rest! Meditation, restorative yoga, a warm scented bath, a quiet evening at home with no electronic devices, an afternoon spent lying on the grass in a meadow.

We’ve come to see our twelve and sixteen-hour workdays as a badge of pride, and indeed it can be really difficult to make a living with the wage discrepancies in this country. If we all spent a little less time racing around and a little more time resting, we’d be far happier and more productive for it.