How I Jumpstart My Day

Pre-baby, there was nothing better than a good early-morning workout topped off with a big cup of coffee on the way home. I’d set out my clothes ahead of time and register for a class or make plans with friends to keep myself motivated and hold myself accountable. That steaming dose of caffeine was the reward for hard work done before 8 AM.

With a newborn, though, sleep is at a premium most mornings, so I focus on proper fueling to help get my day going and keep me from crashing mid-morning. I’m on a dairy and egg elimination diet (boo) for breastfeeding, so I’ve been alternating between oatmeal made with cashew milk and topped with honey and nuts (great for milk production), cream of wheat made the same way (terrific source of iron) and power-grain protein waffles topped with Bogg’s Trail Butter. More often I’m reaching for tea rather than coffee, so this mix of carbs and protein helps me jump-start my day without that beloved cup of caffeine.