Training Routine for Beginning Runners

I often recommend new runners to follow Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 – Half Marathon or Marathon training programs.

This is what I followed for my first few races, and it enabled me to build some base miles in a healthy way and finish my first few races feeling strong and well-prepared.

As you build over time, runners can follow Hal’s more intermediate/advanced programs, or hire a coach.

A few reasons why I enjoy working with a coach:

  • Coaches do the hard part by creating a training plan based on your level of fitness, using their expertise.
  • Coaches push you to work harder and help you push to your potential, particularly because of the accountability factor. I find that when I self-report versus reporting to a coach, I tend to make more excuses for cutting corners, etc.
  • This is an obvious reason, but coaches can be supportive, encouraging, and provide you with feedback to all of your questions and concerns. I enjoy receiving feedback from experts in the field!