Morning Yoga Sequence

Asanaglyph Illustrations by Erica Jago


  • Feet together then step left foot back to a wide stance. Feet parallel.
  • Inhale arms up with back of palms touching overhead, fold fingertips towards the front, and unfold palms like a book towards the face and bend over the knees—more like standing Child’s Pose than Uttanasana.
  • Reverse hands and come back to the starting position (arms overhead and back of palms touching).
  • Continue this movement adding the breath:­­ inhale rise up and exhale fold.
  • Once the breath is going well on it’s own, start making an offering for your day: “This is what I am willing to GIVE TODAY. This is what I am willing to RECEIVE TODAY.”
  • And remember: YOU ARE THE BEGINNING. It’s up to you to be the change you would like to see—in your workplace, in your relationships and within your own mind. Practice and all is coming. You are the beginning. 🙂
  • Step feet together then right foot back to Goddess Pose.
  • Begin breath of fire while thinking “I am open to receive” (palms open like holding a tray).
  • Inhale-exhale 108 times.
  • Step to the top of the mat.
  • Place right hand on shoulder and make big circles with the elbow (x4 or so), add a sweeping forward fold motion, opening the waist lines (x4). Then add the full use of the arm (x4). Switch sides.

Moon Salute x5:

  • Start in Down Dog, walk hands back half way and lift chest before forward folding.
  • Reach behind the feet and weave right arm through the middle of the legs for left shin and left through the middle for right shin.
  • Kick knees into the cage of the arms and fold. Feel the sitz bones broaden.
  • Rise up reach up as though you were reaching for a pull up bar, then pull down, merging shoulder blades and arms like goal posts. Use the energy of the legs you set in previous exercise. (Bonus: Let out a NICE PROUD LION’S BREATH.)
  • Forward fold and walk to plank. Lower knees, chest, chin and onto the belly.
  • Reach arms forward like a belly Savasana, but with palms up to continue to your offering work. Think: “I am ready to receive.”
  • Work the hands back by the ribcage, thumbs in line with nipples. Lift navel off the floor and press back to Child’s Pose, then Down Dog and start again.
  • After Moon Salutes, jump through so the legs are out in front as you would for Paschimottanasana.
  • Draw imaginary lines behind your left leg and right leg. Place left hand behind you in the right leg lane twist to the left, leading with with your heart and sending nose towards the floor. The right hip will lift and that’s OK, but keep your energy shooting out the legs like water out of a hose. Switch. Place right hand behind you in the left leg lane twist to the right, leading with with your heart and sending nose towards the floor.
  • Take a comfortable seat and repeat: “I AM THE BEGINNING”