Advice for Avoiding Injuries

Here’s the deal. We get injured when we are going through the motions, but not truly present. Or when we try something new and throw our bodies in too quickly without proper guidance or space to accomplish the task mindfully. Or when our minds run ahead to the next step, or worse, go numb with fear and we step out of the driver’s seat completely.

I practice AWAKE and intentional movement that captivates my whole attention. Each vertebra getting its time to shine. Smart feet underneath me receive messages from the earth and respond back. It’s a conversation and I ask my entire being to show up to the party. I’ve built trust in my hands over the years and now I can balance on them just and easily as I do my feet. Use everything and overuse nothing!

And my breath is the greatest guru of them all, leading the mind deeper into a state of flow and ease. To prevent injury for me is to practice radical mindfulness­­, breath by breath.