How I Jumpstart My Day

We’ve all seen beautiful articles and videos depicting morning rituals that involve hopping on a yoga mat, meditating with crystals, making fresh green juice, and drawing a goddess or tarot card to inspire your oncoming day. Don’t get me wrong,­ that sounds dreamier than I care to admit, but it sure isn’t my life : )

My mornings are spent doing what I love most: teaching yoga and nurturing other people. Five days out of the week, my morning routine looks a little bit like this: I wake up as the sun is rising. I shower to wash my sleepiness away, get dressed quickly and head either to private clients’ homes or to Wanderlust Hollywood, where my students await.

My time, energy and attention belongs to them, so that they may begin the day in their favorite way possible. I usually finish teaching a few classes by 9 or 10 in the morning. At this point, I come home and cook one of the biggest meals of my day, and I always share this time and meal with the man I love, Jon.

Afterwards, we’ll always take our dogs on an excursion of some sort. We frequent the Wildflower Trail at Elysian Park, Lake Hollywood Park, Echo Park Lake and an endless number of hikes in and around LA. Though my ‘rituals’ look a little bit different, it’s become my favorite grounding way to spend the early hours of my day!