Finding Healthy Balance in Life

This is a daily struggle with me. My life is fast-paced, and as a fitness professional, my schedule is not regular or “normal.” There is no structure.

To create a balance, I have to find time to slow down and take care of myself as well as focus on my goals.

I allow Saturdays to be the one day I do absolutely nothing related to work, my goals, or long term planning. I spend time relaxing with friends, seeing family as often as possible, and getting lost in a book or going to the movies. It keeps me human and keeps my creativity alive. It also allows for a moment to reset, gain new perspective, and dive back in headfirst without feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

On a larger scale, every 6 months I leave the country. There is no better perspective shift than to completely leave what you know and get lost in another culture and lifestyle. Some may say it is an escape, but I believe it balances out a tunnel vision created in the day-to-day hustle so many of us live. To find comfort in uncomfortable and unusual places is a way to gain strength and confidence to get uncomfortable in our daily lives.