Advice for Avoiding Injuries

Training is one third of the puzzle of performance. We all too often look at training as “king.” It’s not. The other two pieces are fuel and recovery, and all three are equally important. If one is out of balance, the other two will suffer.

And almost always the first one to fall out of balance for the runner, cyclist, and endurance athlete is stretching and resting. It is so easy to skip out on the “recovery” when you spend so much time training. Recovery includes stretching, foam rolling, and resting.

My lifestyle is fast-paced and this is so hard for me. When I am running short on time, recovery is the first thing I skip out on—but the other two pieces suffer when I am not properly rested and giving myself “TLC” on the regular: When I’m tired and worn down, I cannot train and my diet suffers with too many carbs and calories in an effort to compensate for lack of sleep.

If you work out, make sure you stretch and foam roll. They are all equally important.