Smoothie of Choice

My absolute favorite smoothie products right now is Philosophie Superfoods. Instead of buying 10 different bags of my favorite superfoods, I can buy one bag with all I need. I love and own all of their flavors, but lately my favorite has been the Berry Bliss.

Here’s the recipe below. It’s beyond delicious.


  • 2 heaping spoonfuls of Berry Bliss Philosophie Superfood Protein blend
  • Almond milk or coconut water (Both are great! Depends on your mood and what consistency you’re going for.)
  • ½ or 1 full frozen pack of unsweetened Acai
  • 1 heaping spoonfuls of Anita’s Coconut Yogurt (OMG, this is the bomb)
  • A handful of your favorite berries
  • 1 banana (if you want it less sweet, use ½)
  • A small handful of cacao nibs
  • Blend it all up until creamy
  • Pour into your favorite glass
  • Sprinkle a design of hemp seeds and cacao nibs on top for extra crunch

Drink and enjoy!