Evening Yoga Sequence

Asanaglyph Illustrations by Erica Jago


Begin by sitting in a comfortable crossed legged position, right leg in front of left.

  • Take 3 deep breaths as you settle into the end of your day.
  • Inhale, rise up tall. Exhale fold forward over your crossed legs. Extend your arms forward and keep your hips on the floor. Relax your head and breathe here for 5 rounds of breath.
  • Other side: Rise up and switch the cross of your legs. Sit up tall and take 3 deep breaths. Then, inhale lengthen your spine. Exhale fold forward over your legs.
  • Sit up, uncross your legs and shake them out from side to side.
  • Table Top Pose: bend your knees with feet flat and hip distance. Slide hands back, palms flat and fingers facing forward. Inhale deeply, exhale press firmly and evenly into hands and feet as you lift your hips straight up in line with your chest. Either bring your head and neck to neutral as you look up, or allow your head to fall back if this feels good on your neck. 3-5 breaths.
  • Cat/Cow: lower back down and come onto hands and knees for 5 rounds of Cat/Cow Pose.
  • Down Dog: press back to Down Dog and peddle out your feet from right to left a few times, feeling the backs of your legs open and your neck release.
  • Utthan Pristhasana, Lizard Pose: Step right foot forward to the upper right hand corner of your mat for Lizard Pose. Lower your back knee down and bring your elbows to the floor inside your right foot. (If it’s too much on your elbows, use your hands instead). Relax your head and breathe deep into your hips, hamstrings and groin. 5 breaths.
  • Come onto your hands, tuck your back toes to lift your back knee, and straighten and fold for a couple breaths.
  • Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Pigeon Pose: then wiggle or step your right foot over towards your left hand. Lower your knee and shin down into pigeon pose. Make sure your back leg is straight and in line with your left hip. Sit upright for a moment to breath into your hips. Then fold forward over your right leg and allow your arms to relax forward or at your side. 8-10 breaths.
  • Repeat: slowly come up, tuck your back toes, and step back to Down Dog for a breath. Then repeat everything on the left side (lizard into pigeon).
  • Virasana, Hero Pose: once both sides are complete, come to hands and knees and sit back in prep for Virasana. Bring your knees together, upper thighs long, and sit between your feet with your shins and feet along side your outer hips. Gently press your shins and toenails into the ground to deepen and stabilize your pose. If necessary, use a blanket or small pillow to sit on. You can stay here in an upright position or move deeper into reclined Virasana. 5-10 breaths.
  • Come forward and step into Down Dog to stretch out your legs.
  • Move onto your back and hug your knees into your chest. Rock gently from side to side.
  • Supine Twist: 5 breaths on each side.
  • Float your limbs passively upward so that they dangle in dead bug pose for a few breaths.
  • Rest on your back and totally relax.