The Flavor of Your Pose: Upward-Facing Dog with Caley Alyssa

If your favorite yoga pose was a flavor, what would it be? Caley Alyssa breaks down the deceptively difficult Upward-Facing Dog for us here.

The surprising complexity of something seemingly simple is just one added benefit of a yoga practice. Beloved teacher Caley Alyssa breaks down Upward-Facing Dog for us here. A common pose that’s ubiquitous in modern Vinyasa and Hatha classes, Upward-Facing Dog is a deceptively difficult shoulder and chest strengthener. Keeping the legs lifted can be challenging—keep a blanket under the thighs in order to keep from collapsing in the low back. Similarly, place blocks under the palms to keep from hunching the shoulders.

Though you may not immediately understand what the whimsically-named pamplemousse is all about, just like Upward-Facing Dog, chances are you’ve come across it.

What are your favorite simple but challenging poses?

woman doing upward facing dog with pink background