Solange Jazayeri: Reading From the Heart

Author Solange Jazayeri shares the story of her first true love, and how she rediscovered it—and herself—years later.

Author Solange Jazayeri fell in love as a child: with words.

Over time, family and life pulled her away from books and reading for more « logical » pursuits. But as she grew up she rediscovered her love—and, in doing so, her true self.

She shares a reflection on the video, below:

« How do I define success today?

It’s personal.

Success is defined by how well I exercise love every day.

The world around us is asking us to grow up so we can feed our families and be a contributing part of our communities. We are told this lie that that is how we become part of something greater than ourselves.

Paying the bills doesn’t mean we have to let go of what we love in order to do it. It just means we have to find a way to fit what we love most in our days somehow. »

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Video shot and edited by Edward Boyce

Accompanying text by Kristin Diversi