Transformation Begins Here.

From the moment you step foot on this mysterious city of Valle de Bravo, you feel the energy: the trade winds, the vibes of the lake, and the verdant landscape with its lush, pine aroma all collaborate to beguile. El Santuario sits in the best spot in front of the lake. Today, it is a place for seekers on a different type of quest.

When you unroll your mat at Wanderlust Festival Valle, you practice with some of the world’s most beloved teachers, moving with the rhythm of the lake. But there may be days where your mat, in fact, never unfurls because you were on a lakeside trail run, strumming a ukulele for the first time, and cruising to a Stand Up Paddleboard yoga session. Sunset suggests it’s time to relax, then as the stars reveal themselves, that’s your cue for mingling and melding with the beats of Wanderlust’s late night musical escapades.



Yoga & Meditation Programs

Whether you are a beginner or well-seasoned yogi, you’ll have an ideal day at Wanderlust. We offer classes for all levels and styles to keep your body and mind moving. Fill your days with invigorating vinyasa flow and relaxing yin classes, or branch out and try stand up paddle boarding or aerial yoga. Whichever way you flow, you’ll learn from the world’s best.



Headliners, new artists and beyond

Music is the heartbeat of Wanderlust festivals. Our experiences range from DJ-powered yoga classes to acoustic musical mountaintop meditations to the electric main stage performances. Whatever your taste, you’ll enjoy artists you’ve loved for years and discover your next musical crush.



Hikes, Runs, Biking & more

Leap boldly into nature. Our liberating trail runs, breathtaking mountain meditations, peaceful sunset hikes, and electrifying bike excursions will get you off your mat and into full adventure mode. Bliss out on a stand up paddle board, or tear down the trails on a downhill mountain bike. Each festival offers unique opportunities to get in touch with your inner explorer.



Speakeasy Talks

Immerse yourself in the inspiring ideas of thought-leaders at a Wanderlust Speakeasy. Our intimate and casual lecture series covers topics ranging from holistic health to progressive politics, from personal empowerment to community betterment—hosted voices leading the movement of mindful living.



Local & Sustainable Foods

After a long day of nourishing the soul, you’ll need some healthy sustenance for your body. Our hand-picked local food vendors offer a quick bite throughout the day, and our family style dinner offers the pleasure of a delectable organic meal with friends.

Find your true north.

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