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Nuestra misión es ayudarte a lograr tus sueños y guiarte para ser una mejor versión de ti mismo. Creamos eventos, productos en medios y experiencias que te permitirán encontrar el camino hacia una vida saludable e inspiradora. ¡Únete!

Find Your True North
Experimenta la magia de Wanderlust a través de nuestros festivales de varios días y nuestro inspirador festival de un día.
Estira la mente
Observa a excelentes maestros y líderes de primera que te guarán en tu camino hacia lograr tus sueños.
Veámonos en el tapete de yoga.
Ven y practíca con nosotros. Ofrecemos clases diario en nuestros estudios de California, Texas y Quebec.
Curiosea nuestra tienda.
Encuentra lo esencial para dentro y fuera del tapete de yoga, a donde sea que te lleve la aventura.
Compra Ahora
21-Day Challenge Intro

Begin the journey to a more grounded and healthier you. Join us for FREE starting January 9.

21-Day Yoga Challenge

Feel what it's like to fly. Featuring Carmen Curtis, the founder of AiReal Yoga.

Rise Up

Chelsey Korus and Matt Giordano find balance in an acro dance to Kevin Paris's "Rise Up."

Art of Movement
The Many Lessons of a Home Yoga Practice

A self-made, 30-day yoga challenge helped me recognize the changes I needed to make in my life.

Seane Corn: Bridging Spirituality and Activism

Seane Corn discusses activism, and how her yoga practice has given her perspective.

Layered Raspberry Hot Cocoa

This elevated hot chocolate uses fresh whipped cream and raspberry purée.

Play With Your Food
Why I’m Quitting (and You Should, Too)

Life is too short to settle—follow your heart and find your path.

Zero Waste Living: Lip Balm

Keep your lips kissably clean and fresh with this homemade natural lip balm.

Zero Waste Living
Aloha From Wanderlust O’ahu
The Festival Experience
Marianne Williamson: Aligning Body and Soul

Marianne Williamson explores how mindfulness can shape us into compassionate global citizens.

2 Dudes Do Yoga

It takes strength to surrender, to trust someone to work together outside of your comfort zone.

Dogs Of Yoga: Chelsey and Lozen

Lozen travels the world with his human Chelsey Korus—and loves it.

Dogs of Yoga