Voyager Program Scholars

Our Scholars are guest contributors to the Voyager program. They step in to lead specific portions of the training in which they are experts, and some of them have written chapters of the manual.


Aarona Pichinson

Anandra George

Annie Carpenter

Ashleight Sergeant

Carolyn Anne Budgell

Carrie Abt

Carrie Owerko

Christa Schwind

Christopher Wallis

Collette Cameron

Collette Hill

David Abookire
Dhyana Masla

Elena Brower

Erin Dudley

Gary Kissiah

Heidi Hopkins

Janet Stone

Jason Bowman

Jennifer Reuter

Jullian Turecki

Jo Brill

Joanna Abbatt

Julien Gagnon

Jyothi Chalam

Kevin Courtney

Lara Kohn Thompson

Lauren Haythe

Leslie Freyberg

Liza Dousson

Lori Kimata

Manoj Chalam

Dr. Mike Lane

Nikki Vilella

Richard Podolny

Rolf Gates

Roman Torgovitsky

Ruey Ryburn

Sacha Mathew

Sara Ivanhoe

Schuyler Grant

Shannon Paige

Shari Beard

Sianna Sherman

Stefanie Foster

Zachary Dacuk