March 12th, 2016 from 12:00pm to 9:00pm (PST)

Join Wanderlust alongside YOGANONYMOUS and some of the most influential voices in meditation today for an immersion into the science, techniques, benefits, and practical application of meditation.

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Read on and find out how meditation can transform your life.


Meditation Improves Memory in Young Adults

A regular meditation practice can bring distracted teens back to the present moment, reduce stress, and even improve test scores.

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Bodhi Tree Presents: Shakti Gawain—Creative Visualization

Eastern meditation says, “Let’s go home to the void.” Western meditation says, “Let’s hail a cab and see the nightlife while we’re here.”

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Choosing the Right Meditation Practice for You

A guide to meditation styles.

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Save Money by Meditating

Meditating can help reduce stress—and healthcare costs.

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Meditation: Am I Doing It Right?

It’s not just about closing your eyes and breathing. It’s about connecting to your most private self.

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Research Says Meditation Improves Health

Research by some of the world’s best scientists suggests that positive physiological changes in the brain and bodily systems occur as a result of meditation

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