Wanderlust Magazine Ad Specs

For inclusion in the 2016 issue all ad creative must be submitted by February 19, 2016.

Publication Trim Size: 7.5″ x 9.5″ Perfect Bound

Two page spread: 15″ Width x 19″ Height

Full page: 7.5″ Width x 9.5″ Height

Half page: 7.5″ Width x 4.75″ Height

Bleed: All  ads must have a .125″ bleed.

Safety Area: All type and images (unless they bleed off the page) should be at least .25″ inside trim. Maintain this safety for all live matter.

Image Quality: Minimum resolution for placed images is 300 ppi and should be placed at 100% scale. Minimum effective resolution for embedded images is 200 ppi. 

Color Space: All images must be in CMYK. Do not include RGB, indexed color, or spot colors in any of your submitted files. Do not use registration as a color. 

Fonts: Use Postscript fonts only. Embed all fonts, do not subset.

For Spreads:  Create document as two facing pages. For spreads bleeding across gutter, allow no safety for photographs. Do not mirror image in gutter. For body copy, allow .25″ on each side of gutter. For headlines, split copy at gutter between letters, and allow .25″ safety on each side of gutter.

Uploading Your Files: 

For Assistance:  Email devon@wanderlust.com

Please Note: Files not conforming to our specs (i.e., incorrect ad size, missing or stylized fonts, colors, or images not set to cmyk) will incur fix-file charges at the prevailing production rate of $100/hr.