Success in the Mindful Age

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How Nine Women Redefine Achievement and Find Fulfillment

Everyone loves a good success story, but success is no longer just about climbing the ladder and shattering glass ceilings. More than ever, women are redefining the parameters and expanding the boundaries of what it means to be successful.

The women featured here are entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, mothers, travelers, and teachers. For each of them, success is guided by their personal understanding of achievement—sustainably, holistically, and intentionally. Success is about finding confidence to overcome any negativity blocking her path, and seeking out a supportive community to do so.

These women inspire and encourage us to define our own mindful path to success, on our own terms.

Anna Starostinetskaya

For Anna, success is waking up and knowing what she’s doing that day is a function of choice and not consequence.

“The first time we looked failure in the eye was the hardest. … But then we stared failure in the eye another 10–15 times and it was fine.”

Faith Hunter

No matter what, Faith knows she will take a chance, she will love, and she will be open to receive.

“Success is when I’m being truthful with myself, before anyone else!”


Ashley Johns

Ashley knows firsthand how it feels to thrive from a dark place, overcoming bulimia and body dysmorphia to found Fierce Forward.

“It is the challenges that make you stronger—and that is success.”


Valerie Sagun

A big part of Valerie’s success as founder of Big Gal Yoga has come through trading in toxic thinking for positivity.

“I look like me and I can do yoga. Other people who look different from me can do yoga too. Simple as that.”

Jamie Anderson

The more this Olympic snowboarder sends out love and light, the more she sees it come back to her.

“You are the creator of your reality. Start living in your power and do not let fear overcome you!”

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Christa Orecchio

As a holistic nutritionist, Christa applies the tools of her trade to merge career success with extreme self-care.

“Doing what you love is a huge part of success.”


Ali Kaukas

For Ali, success is finding comfort in just being yourself and engaging in the now — especially with her camera.

“I always want to be evolving and observing other human beings. … I want to be deeply engaged with what’s going on right now. “

Mallika Chopra

Mallika constantly returns to these three questions: “Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve?”

“Intents are different from goals; intents come from our soul. We start setting those intents for the life that we want to live.”

Michelle Li Murphy

Being an artist is tough, but Michelle knows how to stay grateful and make tiny improvements add up.

“I’m a slow burner taking the slow path, and it’s hard because we are in a fast-paced society with an aggressive agenda.”


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